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Network Partner

Broadcast Partner / Global Rights

-Hikosan Gathering of the Star Tribes-

Native American Nations x Yamabushi

The first official delegation of Native American story tellers, musicians and dance legends convene at one of ancient Japan’s most sacred mountain shrines.

First Nations performers from the  Cree, Apache, Navajo, Taino and Hopi nations will descend on the spiritual mountain range of Hikosan for a historic cultural and tribal exchange with native Yamabushi (mountain warrior monks) who still inhabit the sacred mountain training grounds of Hikosan.  Lead by the 34th generation Guji (High Priest) of Hikosan Jingu, one of only three sacred pilgrimage sites in Japan, the Yamabushi will welcome the delegation including world champion First Nations dancers, story tellers and drummers who will share cultural history and performing arts for the first time in Kyushu on the night of April 30th in the main grounds of Hikosan Jingu. 



Sharing history, culture and events 

Celebrating the Star Tribes / Star People

Be a part of history and support the first ever gathering of Native American tribes at one of the most secretive and important mountain shrine regions in Japan. This spectacular journey of colorful dance, powerful sound and adventure into the unknown will capture the imaginations of people all over the world as Japanese Yamabushi and Native American story tellers unite to reveal the origins of humankind and our connection to the stars.


The main evening event at the high mountain shrine of Hikosan Jingu will be followed by two stage performances at the prestigious Oak Hall in Soeda, Japan. All performances will be filmed as part of a docudrama broadcast and TV show.


Corporate sponsors, CSR supporters and cultural grant providers will be proud to be part of this historical cultural exchange. We have amazing sponsorship packages and unique opportunities for collaboration available.

英彦山 × ネイティブアメリカン の初のコラボレーション民族文化交流イベント「Hikosan Gathering of the Star Tribes」のオフィシャルエアラインパートナー企業様に向けての提案書になります。

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-Create awareness and generate excitement around the secret history of Hikosan and its connection to the stars.

-First ever sister-tribe / star tribe unification

-First ever annual rituals by Native Americans engaging the Star People from Japan.

-Official Show Spin-0ff. "STAR TRIBES"

-Affiliated Star gazing events

-Special campground events

-Target: Europe / North & South America / Asia Pacific 


  • INTERNATIONAL distribution rights are available with co-production credits.

  • Exciting brand association.

  • Unique story-line.

  • Uncharted areas of Japan & a once forbidden ancient culture.

  • Historical connections to Japan's greatest legends.

  • First ever official collaboration between Native American tribes and Japanese Yamabushi

Options we are looking for:

  1. Contribution to production budget in exchange for original branded content

  2. Domestic and international distribution platform

  3. Licensing deal

Production Team:

Hollywood team in Japan lead by bi-lingual award winning director will deliver visually impactful content and story-line with first-ever interviews revealing the secret origins of Japanese shintoism and records connecting them to the stars.  

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