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英彦山 × ネイティブアメリカン の初のコラボレーション民族文化交流イベント「Hikosan Gathering of the Star Tribes」のオフィシャル パートナー企業様に向けての提案書になります。

-Hikosan Gathering of the Star Tribes-

Native American Nations x Yamabushi

The first official delegation of Native American story tellers, musicians and dance legends convene at one of ancient Japan’s most sacred mountain shrines.


Sharing history, culture and events 

Celebrating the Star Tribes / Star People


-Create awareness and generate excitement for In-bound Kyushu area tourism.

-Official sister-tribal associations

-Share Star Watching and Star People Lights culture and knowledge  

-Official UFO awareness event and cultural exchange (Look to the stars at Hikosan)

-Affiliated Star gazing events

-Special campground events

-Target: Europe / North & South America / Asia Pacific 

Sponsor Request

・35 x RT Economy Class Seats from LAX to Fukuoka (via KIX/NRT/HND)

Cargo or Extra baggage (Customs / Drums, etc) -Total amount TBD. 


・6 x RT Business Class Seats from LAX to Fukuoka (via KIX/NRT/HND)

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